INFOBATUMI.GE It represents the regional portal of the information network.

Batumi is one of the most desirable destinations for both Georgians and tourists. Information about restaurants, hotels and cultural events is one of the integral and necessary parts of the trip. In order to make it easier to find information, the site - INFOBATUMI.GE was created

The project was implemented in 2012, as a result of long-term research and consultations with specialists in various fields. The project is large-scale in its content and innovative solution. This is a project whose goal is to establish a unified information base and to bring the socio-commercial sphere of the region to the international level.

Infobatum is visited by at least 1,000 (at least 5,000 in summer) visitors per day. INFOBATUMI.GE The site is in 3 languages and is easy to use for foreign visitors.

INFOBATUMI.GE It is one of the first reliable sources of travel agencies both in Georgia and abroad.

Batumi is a very attractive city for both tourists and locals, new tourist facilities, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers and generally interesting places are opening. That's why we decided to do it INFOBATUMI.GE, through which people will have detailed information about events, restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, shops, etc. in the city. And that gives more incentive for sites to do more news and share it with us, they like it a lot.

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