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Restaurant - Pub
Georgian - European
Best place for:
corporate evenings, business meetings and different event and presentations.
Hall / Table:
დიდი დარბაზი – 200 პერსონა, მცირე დარბაზი – 100 პერსონა, 4 კუპე – 50 პერსონა, Vip – 30 პერსონა, საბანკეტო კუპე – 30 პერსონა, პაბი – 80 პერსონა
ყოველდღე ცოცხალი მუსიკა 20:00 – 01:00, პარასკევი, შაბათი-კვირა 21:00-22:00 საათზე ქართული ქორეოგრაფიული ცეკვები
Additional services: Wi-Fi- Internet, Parking, Credit card payment


For more information

All of us know that there are many people who for the known objective reasons can't often dare to visit restaurants, but is also such for which it not a problem. However, it isn't simple to find such place which for the rest of life will stey in your soul and never you will forget with its exclusive design, the most tasty dishes, beautiful live music and low prices.

Be sure that the WILD WEST restaurant will satisfy inquiries of both of these categories of people, first here quite dotupny prices of what you can be convinced having looked through our menu directly here on the site, secondly and that the most important, after visit to us you will appear in absolutely unknown environment in style of the Wild West, perhaps someone will feel in the American museum, and someone in the bar of ancient Texas cowboys where all smallest details are executed in style of the Western, anyway in your expanded eyes bedt to be reflected eternal surprise and how many you wouldn't stay this miracle, you again and again will want to watch it because always there will be a feeling of that you after all something didn't watch at this restaurant. It will become your favourite vacation spot.

At restaurant at your disposal there will be a bar rich with various drinks and any exotic cocktails where you will be served by highly professional bartenders. You come and with own eyes look at everything, and it is better taste our bar.

37,966 ვიზიტორი სულ, 3 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Restaurants and Bars.

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