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Type: Hotel - Restaurant
Best place for: Rest, celebration events (banquets, birthdays) arrangement, for corporate events, spend a romantic evening
Cuisine: Georgian - European
Entertainment: Live music from 19:00 - 00:00
Hall / Table: Pirosmani - 150 persons, Antika - 200 persons, a small conference room - 50 persons
Number of Rooms: 152 Rooms
Additional services: Wi-Fi- Internet, Parking, Credit card payment

Room prices

Standard - $ 125

Deluxe - $ 135

Lux - $ 145

For more information

Hotel Sputnik Is located in the capital of Adjara Region, Batumi. City Center is 2 km far from the Hotel. As Sputnik Hotel is Located on Batumi Hill, it has a unique panoramic view of whole Batumi and The Black Sea. The resort is built on a total of 9308 m2, surrounded by a garden with tropical plants and trees, where You will get unforgettable memories. This amazing combination of sea and mountain climates gives you a possibility to have a pleasant rest and to get healthy at the same time. Hotel Sputnik Offers You the most delicious Georgian Cuisine, flavored with Hospitality and High International Standards. We do our Best to make You feel like Home.

14,750 ვიზიტორი სულ, 26 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: In Nature, Restaurants and Bars, Hotels, Surroundings and City view.

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