Cable Car Argo

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Type: Entertainment Center
Best place for: Entertain, to enjoy the beautiful views of the city
Additional services: Wi-Fi- Internet, credit card payment


2 way

  • უფროსებისთვის – 15 ლარი
  • 5-დან 12 წლამდე ბავშვები – 5 ლარი
  • 5 წლამდე ბავშვებისთვის – უფასო

For more information

Entertaining center Argo is located on Anuria Mountain, 250 meters high from the sea level. The complex offers spectacular views of Batumi, the Black Sea and the surrounding mountains. The center comprises restaurants, cafes, retail shops, open air halls, podium and roof terraces as well.

The building is designed using Argo symbols, the ship by which mythical Jason and Argonauts sailed to Kolchida. Entertaining center also includes the cable car as the main connecting line with the town.

Visitors use the telfer to reach the Argo which makes their journey joyful and exiting, giving them the chance to get pleasure from unique panoramic views of the town and enjoy the tripEntertaining center and cable car Argo have already become one of the most visited tourist attractions of the region.

46,144 ვიზიტორი სულ, 34 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Entertainment Centers.

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