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Type: Coffe & Kitchen
Cuisine: Georgian-European, Turkish
Best place for: To listen to tasteful music, Spend a romantic evening, Corporate evenings
Entertainment: Live music - every day from 20:30 - 01:00 (except Monday)
Hall / Table: The first floor - Hall - Table 12 (50 persons) second floor - 30 persons
Additional services: Free Wi-Fi- Internet access, parking, credit card payment, the Turkish breakfast, lunch ordering


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Our Neoccaadventure started in 2012 in Georgia, Batumi as a bistro and cafe. Now continiues as Neocca Coffee & Kitchen in coffee business with Ahmet Celebi &FerudunTekyaygil. Our Principle, is selecting and exporting the best and most proper coffee seeds from Italy, Trieste, roasting them carefully and then grinding them to serve you the best coffee. The most important feature of our coffee is its freshness and variety. In this respect our coffees are specially roasted and grinded according to our customers' demands. Furthermore, we have own special selections from most delicate seed, which are those African Queen, Neocca Special and etc. Our aim, is by opening up to the world, presenting the Neocca Coffee to the world thanks to the quality of our brand.
In order to serve our coffee to our customers in a better quality, we import 25 different coffee seeds from 15 different countries. Among the four different types of coffees which are African Queen, Espresso, filtered coffee and Turkish Coffee that we are marketing the African Queen is the most prominent. At the same time, we serve with these coffee types at Neocca Coffee.
FerudunTekyyagil who is one of our founders, spent more than 15 years in exporting, roasting, and packing coffees. He uses that knowledge and experience in Neocca Coffee.

17,564 ვიზიტორი სულ, 6 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Restaurants and Bars.

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