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Type: Hotel
Best place for: Rest
Dining: 7 table (30 person)
Number of Rooms: 30 Rooms
Additional services: Wi-Fi- Internet, Parking, Credit card payment

Room prices

Double room – 55 ლარი
Twin room: – 55 ლარი
Triple room: – 70 ლარი
Double child room: – 60 ლარი
Lux type room: – 100 ლარი
Family room: – 80 ლარი (4 საწოლი)
Family room: – 90 ლარი (5 საწოლი)

7 years child free

Additional bed cost is 20 GEL

For more information

Hotel Batomi– is located in Batumi Boulevard, near the Black Sea beach. The location of the hotel is unique, around is various selection. Here is located the biggest shopping center of the Batumi city, samples of ancient and new architecture, entertainment objects.

Batomi Hotel is located in 3 minutes from the Batumi Airport, 4 km from the Makhinjauri railway station and only 300 m from the Black Sea beach and the New Boulevard.

The newly constructed Hotel Batomi with its cozy and bright rooms, with balconies, with terraces, with panoramic views of the New Boulevard and the Black Sea, with an entertaining and relaxing lobby, with modern furniture, with modern equipment and with highly skilled staff offers you an unforgettable vacation.

3,424 ვიზიტორი სულ, 6 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Sea view and Hotels.Place Tags: Batumi Hotels and Reservation Hotel.

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