Georgian Wine

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Type: Wine House
Wine: Best quality wines - tap: Rvanchkara; Tsinandali; Wine; Wine; KINDZMARAULI. Wine Bottle: Alazani Valley (red-white); Wine; KINDZMARAULI; Khvanchkara; Tsinandali; Mukuzani; Akhasheni; Tvishi; Stations (white, red); Pirosmani (white, red); Urban; Ceramic products, as well as wines
Additional services: Parking, Credit card payment
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  • -20% discount


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You are in Batumi, and haven't visited a cozy shop "Georgian Wine" on Melashvili street yet? You should do it or you come here for nothing! There are different types of wines here. And their names sound like music – Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Mukuzani, Khvanchkara ... You know the best present from Georgia is a bottle of wine. Here can you buy home-made and bottled wine that suits every taste and budget. Gourmets have to try chacha which is as clear as mountain rivers and cognac of different ages which is as fragrant as all flowers in Georgia. Come on, visit this shop – you won't regret!


12,496 ვიზიტორი სულ, 15 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Alco Market, Shops and Wine House.

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