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Type: Restaurant
Cuisine: Georgian - European
Best place for: For: without leaving the city and spiritual resting near a bonfire, family, romantic, business meetings
Entertainment: Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday live music 20:00 - 00:00
Hall / Table: 6 tables (33 person), smokers and non-smoking halls - 4 tables (35 persons), third floor - verandah 6 table (24 persons)
Additional services: Wi-Fi without internet, our motto - talk to each other, parking, plastic cards



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Restaurant "DELIRIA" is a family type thematic restaurant located in the center of Batumi, a quiet and small street, which is distinguished from other restaurants in Batumi with its contents, designs and luxuries. Open and roofed verandah, yard, bonfire, ancient wool, hall, cabinet, mezzar - different colors, design and thematicness in a totally harmoniously combined one and all in the center of the city. Due to the different designs in "DELIRIA" people can find any part of their taste, Will be back again. Here is an excursion around the home and family history. Over the centuries from the walls of the past, pictures are from the past. "DELIRIA" reminds us of the city's past life, its elegance and sophistication, which is associated with the European values ​​and perfection. Here each item lives with history and in each of them is the heart of Batumi. Here the genius is in its simplicity. Here are the celebration evenings, & nbsp; Business people meet each other. The goal of the restaurant is to get rid of spirit, but the kitchen is rich in Georgian or European dishes and high quality alcoholic beverages. Fragrant coffee, tea, homemade lemonade, delicious desserts that are baked here, dried, churchkhela, fruit, natural juice, local honey, beer, meat and meat dishes & nbsp; The owner cares about diversity and quality. It's a family type restaurant that feels like all the nuances. In the yard you can kiss and live music in the world without leaving the city, forget the city's worries and rutina. The main artery of Batumi is here, the heart of the city is here. "DELIRIA" is the place where you feel like in your home. You are the guest and at the same time the host. Here are always waiting for you, love you here, love you here, you are obsessed with love.

21,890 ვიზიტორი სულ, 21 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Restaurants and Bars.

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