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Type: Café-Restaurant-Terrace
Cuisine: Georgian - European
Best place for: Best Place For Relaxation In Heart Of Batumi, Near Boulevard. For Summer Unforgettable Nights, For Live Music, For Smoking Hookah, For Inimitable and Dizzy Cocktails, For Friends Meeting, For Family Dinner
Hall / Table: Outdoor Terrace - 5 Table (20 Guest), Pub - 16 Table (70 Guest), Restaurant - 9 Table (80 Guest), Terrace - 17 Table (54 Guest)
Additional services: Wi-Fi Internet, American Express-Visa-Mastercard Payment. Live Music Everyday, Hookah, Sport Matches Live Transmission.
News: BernRenewed Interior, Cosy Atmosphere, Best Cocktails, Delicious Cuisine, Smoke Allowed For Our Guests On Our Terrace And At Outdoor Terrace, Also Our Guest Can Smoke Hookah


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What You Imagine When You Hear 3 Century Building?

Maybe Historical Building? With Old Walls… Maybe… Mystical Place? Could You Imagine Historical Building With Modern Elements? So Restaurant Bern For You!

House Where Once Anton Chekhov And Maxim Gorki Were Living. Today Is Full Of Our Guests! Visit Us!

19,332 ვიზიტორი სულ, 16 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Restaurants and Bars.

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