Batumi World Palace

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Type: Boutique-style hotel
Best place for: Leisure, business meetings
Number of Rooms: Total 30 (Standard, Junior Suites and Suites)
Entertainment: Meeting rooms for 24 persons, corporate events, Ala buffet, banquet service
Additional services: Free transfer (up to 8 people), free Wi-Fi, the daily cleaning service, 24-hour room service, Swedish breakfast, Restaurant "Loft" terrace (European food)

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Hotel Batumi World Palace is located at historical region of Batumi, which is the best place of the city lying along Black Sea shoreline of Georgia. The hotel is at walking distance to the city town.

Eighteen standard rooms, 6 Luxurious twin beds, 3 Luxe FB. , 3 Deluxe rooms and 30 rooms, which are separately and pleasantly decorated, as well as open and close terrace restaurant, where specific tastes of Turkish and Georgian cuisines are served, Spacious lobby, cocktail and alcoholic beverage services, Lobby and Terrace Bars are all available to make you spend pleasant time throughout the day.

Our experienced personnel will be actually happy to host you in Batumi, which is the brilliant star, the attraction center of Black Sea shore line. Our approach of classical architecture is combined with quality service in order to turn your holiday into a pleasant stay.

All rooms are decorated using eliteLoftpleasant and assertive materials and we offer you three types of rooms where requirements of cutting edge technology are met.

31,340 ვიზიტორი სულ, 1 ვიზიტორი დღეს

Place Categories: Sea view and Hotels.Place Tags: Batumi Hotels.

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