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140 years of existence of photography witnessed many changes in the process of image perception; its role, capabilities, and place in the social and cultural environment changed.
If photography appeared as a fact depicted on paper, as depiction of reality and objectivity of the surrounding world (the photographer took the position of a craftsman who skillfully and qualitatively did his job), nowadays photography has become one of the main manipulation mechanisms due to montage, new media technologies, visual ideology and propaganda.
Year of 2014 has shown that, despite existence of new media technologies and the Internet, during a socio-political crisis a state still gets into informational vacuum. Ukraine is a bright example..
The project Odessa// Batumi Photo days, has two aims. First of all its education. The idea of holding the project in particular places, resulted from the absence of professional training and education in the field of photography, and especially its contemporary directions. Secondly, the aim of the first festival is to attract attention of people to the issue of perceiving photography as a visual medium in the sphere of mass information in close connection to daily life.
The topic of the first festival – History//Manipulation – is an attempt to study how a visual image can create a new interpretation of historic events.
The project takes place in two countries – Ukraine and Georgia, in two sister cities near the Black Sea – in Odessa and Batumi. The cities are connected not only by the sea, but by the history of construction and conception of development. It is the first time when two countries will be connected by a common project – Odessa /Batumi Photo Days.
The united team, which includes artists and curators from Georgia and Ukraine, has elaborated a concept and a development plan of the project. The project is divided into two stages of realization: First part of the festival was held in Odessa on April, 2015, that focuses on the educational program. Workshops for photographers, three curatorial research and photo exhibitions were held by such photographers and experts like Pavel Baňka (Czech republic), Adam Mazur (Poland), Rafal Milah (Poland), Petter Engman ( Sweden), Claudia Kunin (USA) and so on.
In August 25-30, 2015 second part will be held in Batumi, Georgia.
Second stage is a visual part. A range of international photo exhibitions related to the main topic of the first year" History/Manipulation" . Among the planned activities following exhibitions, meeting with the authors and presentations will be held:
“Magic inventions” curator Beral Madra (Istanbul)
"Trust zone“ - curator Katerina Radchenko (Odessa)
“Good bye, Motherland” - Anderi Liankevich (Minsk)
“Tretyakovka” and "Healing Muds” - group Shilo (Kharkiv) Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, Sergiy Lebedynskyy,Vadym Trykoz;
"Eastreet photography festival", http://eastreet.eu/blog/ Street Photography from Eastern Europe( Lublin)
"Night of Photography" Tbilisi Photo Festival (Tbilisi)

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