Information Portal

ჩვენს შესახდებ

INFOBATUMI.GE represents a regional portal of informational web

Batumi is one of the desirable direction not only for Georgians but for the tourists as well. The information about the restaurants, hotels and cultural events is the main and important part of travelling. To get the information easily, the site INFOBATUMI.GE was created

The project was implemented after the long researches and consultations with the specialists. The project is exstensive with its contest and innovative decision. The aim of this project is to create the united informational base and to install the regional socially-commercial sphere to the international level.

Infobatumi is visited by 1000 (5000 in Summer) visitors a day. INFOBATUMI.GE The site is acceptable in 3 languages and it is easy for foreigner visitors to use it.

INFOBATUMI.GE defensively serves the town organisations and mostly all of them, 90% still go on cooperation with us, also new organisations are added annually.

INFOBATUMI.GE is one of the first trustfull sourses for tourust agencies not only in Georgia but abroad as well.

Batumi is very attractive town for tourists and natives too. New restaurants, hotels,entertaining centres and interesting places are built and opened here.That's why, we decided to set up INFOBATUMI.GEusing of which, people will have the detailed information about the current events, restaurants, entertaining centres, shops and etc, in our town. That encourages them to have news in their works and to expand it using our services, they like it grately.

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